Little Miss BBQ

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Best BBQ in the Valley at Little Miss BBQ

Consistently rated the Best BBQ in the Valley, Little Miss BBQ is about 30 minutes away going towards Phoenix Skyharbor Airport. South on Route 143 as you approach the Airport. Exit at University Drive and take right. Little Miss BBQ is a few blocks on the left. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 4pm OR UNTIL SOLD OUT! You have been warned! The line starts at 9am and early closures are common. The BBQ is that good! Little Miss BBQ specializes in Central Texas Style BBQ. Food is the focus and dining tables are crude, outdoors and wooden. There are some tables inside but very few. Plan to order big and take it out. You will not be disappointed. Take a few small pecan pies and their grits.

4301 E University Drive
Phoenix, AZ
Tues-Sat 11am - 4pm or sold out.
Closed for smoking Sunday and Monday.

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